Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ok so i have finally decided to give this blogging thing ago, i have been rather busy with my practical roles in multicam (which is finished!) which where lighting designer and vision mixer and with the producing job on waterwoman, which happens to be going through a very rough patch.

Anyway, waterwoman is filmed for the most part at least and all the producer work is up-to-date, so no worries there. Some of the shooting dates have been cancelled for various reasons so its still behind on filming. The weather (the snow) has been effectively ripping the schedule to shreds, so you can imagine whats been going on. The same can be said for the other project I'm on, Yellowcayke. The weather has wreaked havoc on most, if not all live projects. However it's filming is done and is now in Post which should be done before deadline next week.

Waterwomans shooting schedule will have to be very tight up to the deadline with early rises unfortunately. This is due to the footage needing to be filmed in order with it being for the Straight 8 competition, and it really is alot harder then i think we all thought it would be.

As i said the multicam is finished and its only the files that are needed now, the lighting was strenuous to say the least which many lighting changes, but well worth the final result. I think i did a good job on my roles although there were, of course, a few small slip ups on the vision mixing part but nerves can get the better of you on such a major project, even more so when its live and there are no re-takes.

I think thats about it in a nutshell,  got the specialism coming up soon, so i shall probably be ranting more often.